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Building a healthy community, by taking you from care to cure

At Mulatya Memorial Hospital we are all part of one big family. We believe that family is the core of our organisation from which we can build, grow, and support each other in all aspects of life. It is this spirit that gives us purpose in our work.


We act ethically and responsibly in everything we do. We bring respect, openness, and honesty to our encounters with patients, families, and coworkers and support the well-being of the communities we serve. We are committed to the highest ethical standards in our conduct.

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We are dedicated to providing healthcare solutions that ensure the best outcome for our patients, taking great consideration of the financial challenges facing the marginalized members of our community.

We believe that paying close attention to the care and comfort of our patients helps their recovery. The hospital caters to individual tastes and requirements to ensure that patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible during their stay.

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